Video marketing is here.  It is a dynamic tool used to engage consumers on an interactive level.  The concept is measurable, intuitive, easy to manage, and most importantly, viral.  Videos have a unique characteristic that engage the viewer far more than any other medium available.  It offers moving images and sound that emotionally resonate with the viewing audience.  Statistics prove the responses to video advertisements are far above those of traditional advertising mediums.

Web marketing has the ability to generate higher response rates than traditional direct marketing mediums by combining an interactive audiovisual experience with targeted distribution, viral messaging and viewer tracking.  No other marketing application can compete with these combined features.

Regardless of your product industry, video marketing is a necessity to establish an online brand and create decent traffic.   Unlike traditional television advertising, online video will reach your exact audience with minimal investment, making the ROI astounding.   Plus, video marketing can immediately and directly be measured.

With the intense power and immediate feedback of online video, it is easy to forget about other forms of advertising.   It is proven that video marketing gets views to take action.  According to a study by the Yellow Pages, 80% of web users have watched a video advertisement online – 31% visited the advertisers site, 22% searched for more product information, 16% mentioned it to friends and 9% forwarded the video.

The idea of watching the product in action sparks a new interest to the consumer.  A study done by Google and AOL conducted by market insight and information group TNS, 78% of online video ads provide a better opportunity to learn about the product.   Not only are consumers more willing to check out a video, they are three times more likely to replay it, verses clicking through a standard JPG or GIF ads.

Online video will increase brand awareness, create interest and result in inquires and more sales.  Take advantage of this advanced marketing tool and allow your product to receive the proper web attention for the appropriate audience.

PRG Prototyping can provide you with all of your video marketing needs.  We can place them on Youtube and provide you with a DVD of the product video to use for your own marketing campaigns.

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