PRG Prototyping is a full service product development firm that specializes in concept design engineering, design for manufacturability, prototype development, production and marketing presentations. Additionally, we provide all the services and consultation you need when launching a new product into the marketplace.

Whether you need a complete new product design and manufacturing solution or a simple prototype, we customize our services to fit your timeframe and budget. We provide services for inventors on a start-up budget, entrepreneurs who are starting a business, and businesses who have been selling products for years. If you are developing a new product, we guarantee we have a service to benefit you. We also provide information on complete Patent Protection and Intellectual Property Services.

We operate on a completely fixed price agreement. Our clients is sure to be satisfied with our weekly update process.

Our Engineering team has the ability to develop virtually any product with our education in plastics, mechanical, electronics, industrial and manufacturing engineering. We are not just a standard prototype firm or service bureau. We are a full-service design and engineering firm to handle all aspects of product development from the initial “idea” to selling your product. Our company is accredited through the BBB, United Inventors Association, Inventors Digest & SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers). We work very hard to customize all our services to whatever stage of product development you are in. It doesn’t cost a penny to discuss you needs. If we can’t help you, we know someone who can.

Please contact us for a free product consultation and we can discuss services that fit your budget and project goals!

“We work in a very fun and fresh environment, while always striving to provide you the best creative team available when you have your next Big Idea!” Tyler Harrell, President