Focus Groups

Our focus groups are exploratory sessions where 6-10 participates are prescreened to ensure your target market is properly represented based on the demographics, behaviors, lifestyles and occupation that best fits your product. We use an application process to complete this vital step of the research program.

Our moderator presents the product in an unbiased demonstration. Then the select few respond to the presentation based on their personal perspectives. We offer surveys for a flexible and honest form on participates responses. With these, we can gather studies on customer satisfaction, brand positioning, concept screening and pricing. This information is crucial to properly preparing a campaign when you move onto the marketing step of your product‘s life cycle.

Although our moderators take care of the entire process, they also work closely with you to guarantee the proper presentation of your product. We start by investing our time and energy in strategic objective development. Next, we complete the set up, recording and data gathering. Lastly, we finish with a composite learning summary report.

We guarantee our staff will work hard to ensure your product research project is nearly effortless.

Stay tuned for information on our online focus groups opportunities. Coming soon!

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