As new products continue to be designed and developed every day, the need and demand for High Quality Prototypes is becoming even greater. Technology advancement and skilled engineers allow our team to build the most professional & highest quality prototypes available. We provide prototypes for every need, including virtual prototypes, early stage concepts, prototypes that demonstrate functionality and final prototypes that are cosmetically accurate and engineered for production.

Our Prototypes typically include, but are not limited to Plastic Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication and Electronic Engineering. Let our Degreed Prototype Engineers help you bring your product to life with one of our 4 Prototype Options.

All Engineering & Prototype Drawing files, as well as any other pertinent information on your project will burnt on a DVD and mailed to you when the project is complete. PRG also stores a confidential in-house copy of all of your engineering data in the event you may need it in the future. There is not a standard price for prototyping due to the unique nature of each new product. We do provide free fixed price quotes on all of our Prototype Services.
“Save Time and Money by Ordering Quality Prototypes Right From the Start!”  —Tyler Harrell, President

Prototyping Services

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