Custom Retail Packaging Prototypes

As any creator of consumer products knows, coming up with the right retail packaging can require just as much consideration and development as the product it holds. Good news: PRG’s services include the prototyping of retail packaging, whether your product is best suited to clear plastic blister packaging, clamshell packaging, or a customized cardboard or cardstock box. The majority of our retail packaging prototyping involves vacuum-formed clamshell and blister packaging, both of which are durable—which translates to ease of shipment—and transparent—which enables the consumer to effortlessly view the product inside.

Blister packaging, which is typically comprised of highly durable PETG or PVC with a thickness of .01-.03 inch, has become an especially popular retail merchandise packaging solution. Custom blister packaging must be engineered from scratch, as it is form-fitted and custom-designed for your unique product, and bonded to what is known as a blister card, which is usually printed with the name of and information about the product. Since they are produced using 3D printing, however, they are convenient and cost-effective to produce, as well as being easy to display on retail shelves.

As noted, PRG can also provide retail packaging prototypes comprised of both cardboard card stock. This means that if your product is best suited to a box—be it a flexible carton such as a tissue box or a more rigid box such as those commonly used to house electronics—we can design and produce a retail packaging prototype that is congruent with your needs.

Complete Packaging Prototype Design and Development

One of PRG Prototyping’s experienced in-house industrial designers can transform your concept into a retail packaging prototype. Whether your current design is in the form of a picture scribbled on a cocktail napkin or a highly detailed prototype complete with graphics, PRG can work with what you already have to create precisely what you need.

PRG Has Your Retail Packaging Design Solutions

  • 100-120lb Cover Card Stock

PRG’s small-scale prototype production offers an affordable, time-efficient means of identifying the packaging solution that best fits your requirements. And by exploring your options through PRG before taking your packaging to a manufacturer for mass production, you can save on costs down the road by ensuring that your chosen packaging solution is the right one, the first time around.

Make Your Product Stand Out Among the Competition

In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, entrepreneurs and business startups are always looking for ways to differentiate their products from the countless others on the shelf. Retail packaging prototyping offers ample opportunities to rethink and refine your product packaging—whether your business is food products, office supplies, computers and electronics, home and garden, toys, sports and recreation, beauty and personal care, convenience items, or another retail or consumer good—so that it stands out among the competition.

A Kansas-based firm specializing in the design and creation of new products, PRG Prototyping focuses on concept design engineering, design for manufacturability, prototype development, production, and marketing presentations. We can also provide information on patent protection and intellectual property services. If you are interested in exploring retail packaging prototypes through PRG, contact us to request a free quote.