Custom Plastic Packaging Solutions for blister pack and clamshell designs.

Value-Added Approach

We put our Package Design Engineers and Production team in front of our clients immediately during the Package Brainstorm process to ensure that our communication efforts and clear and defined.

PRG Experience

We have learned in the past 15 years of business that clearly defining project goals, challenges, solutions and milestones right up front greatly improves speed to market.

We believe that holding a prototype sample of your product in actual production plastic helps you make informed decisions faster and more efficiently than rough samples. We only use production materials for all of our Prototype Packaging applications, and we can do it faster and more cost effective than our competition with State of the Art 3D Printing and Proprietary Tooling processes.

PRG Team

Our Innovative Packaging Team consists of Industrial Designers, Plastics Engineers and Thermoforming experts. All of our staff and equipment is in house to save you time and allow us full control of the process.

PRG Process

1. Take a napkin sketch or idea of your package and convert it to a Conceptual Virtual Design with our in house Industrial Design team

2. Physical Samples and Prototype creation using the latest 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping equipment. We specialize in creating fast, cost effective thermoforming molds using the latest technology and molding techniques for you to test and demonstrate to potential buyers, investors, or co-workers. Our tooling program utilizes state of the art materials, as opposed to traditional aluminum and metal molds, and will last for several thousand parts.

3. Production plastic samples and package comps using our industry leading vacuum forming and thermoforming plastic package solutions.

4. If needed, our Graphic Design team can also help you visualize your package with your existing graphics, or we can customize graphics for you.

5. We do a quality job of providing you with solutions and new ideas so that your product is protected, shipped, and demonstrated well in front of your buyer.

PRG Expertise

Retail Packaging
Material Research and Recommendations by Degreed Plastics Engineers
Plastic Blister Pack Thermoforming
Plastic Clamshell Thermoforming
Laser Cut Packaging
Graphic Design Support
Printing Support
Pick, Pack, Fulfillment Support
Flexibility of molding one part, or thousands of parts

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