Logo Creation

Here at PRG we take Branding seriously. The logo is the voice of product. It gives the product and the people behind it a personality. This is the brand’s first impression, and making it timeless is the goal. Logos will appear on nearly all print and digital materials produced. Think of it as a company or product’s signature, everybody’s is unique.

We help you develop not only a brand for product, but a personality as well. Asking critical questions such as: In what way should the logo emanate the product? What messages or feelings does the consumer need to glean from the logo? What styles really stand-out in the product’s market and how is this logo going to get noticed while next to another product?

Second, gather the data from above and go visual. Reproducing the raw information that was gathered from asking questions of your logo. Things to remember about logos, they have to work in one color, they have to have the ability to be reproduced, and they need to be reabable at very small sizes to very large sizes (Thumbnail vs. Billboard). There are other things to remember, but these are by far the most important.

Package Design

Package design is crucial to customer interaction; it is the new suit for the product’s interview with the consumer. Building on the logo design and color schemes, we can customize a package for your product. We can provide virtual and physical iterations of your package, as well as print ready files. Knowing where the product is going to be sold and what the vision for the product’s future are essential questions to answer in the package design phase. The product is competing for the customers attention, so making a lasting impression counts.  As stated, working with the logo design the package will develop the product’s character.

Sell Sheet Design

Furthering the marketing and branding efforts for your product, we provide sell sheet designs that inform consumers about your product. Sell sheets also help develop your brand to a format that can be carried through multiple layout ideas such as forms and invoices.

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