Laser Cutting at PRG Prototyping

Laser cutting is a widely used technique in the custom creation of many prototypes, as well as being employed to etch or engrave logos on prototypes and final products. A laser cutting machine enables the user to cut a variety of materials—including fabric, wood, plastics, cardboard, and cardstock. Laser cutting also allows for the creation of jigs and fixtures used for product assembly, and at times may even be employed to eliminate the tooling process entirely. The use of a laser cutting machine to etch or engrave an object also provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to branding your product.

PRG’s large platform laser cutting machine is a state-of-the-art, digitally controlled CO2 laser with a 40″ x 28″ work area to handle even the biggest of projects. It is capable of cutting up to 1/4″ of material, including wood, acrylic, melamine, mylar, rubber, and a variety of fabrics. Our machine also allows us to engrave most commonly used product materials.

Laser Etching Improves Branding Success

Laser etching has come to be widely used for personalizing items—think jewelry, plaques, and dog tags, to name a few. PRG’s ability to perform laser etching on prototypes provides an opportunity to “personalize” your product before it moves to the mass-production stage by experimenting with and identifying the ideal positioning of your brand name or message. Laser etching or engraving can be simple or intricate, and PRG can add your logo to your prototyped product to help you determine the ideal look. We can also do pilot production runs of up to 100 units of your product, as well as helping you locate outside contractors when you are ready to ramp up production.

Laser Cutting in Prototyping Saves Time and Money

Laser cutting your prototype saves time and money by yielding clean, accurately cut parts and enabling you to ensure the viability of your product once it is fully assembled. And because laser cutting is a highly refined process, your prototype will come out perfect the first time, and every time thereafter. Moreover, PRG’s digitally controlled laser enables us to cut many parts efficiently, reducing both the time required to produce a prototype and the cost to the client.

If you are interested in PRG Prototyping’s laser cutting services, use the following link to request a free quote.