Industrial Design
Creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance

Concept Design Engineering
Focus on aesthetics and functional characteristics from Engineering to Manufacturing

Manufacturing Design
Verification that a product is ready for tooling and full scale manufacturing

Virtual Prototyping
Computer generated 3D graphical representations of products and packages

Bringing ideas to reality with powerful technology & skilled professionals

Rapid Prototyping

RTV Molding
High quality molding processes.

Injection Molding

Patent Research
Complete Patent Research with Custom Competitive Market Analysis and Engineering Improvement Reports

Logo, Web & Package Design

Complete manufacturing solutions for Plastic, Metal, Electronics, Textiles

Sales presentations, new product introduction, Focus Groups… Sell, Sell, Sell

Complete Material Selection, Process Selection, Product Testing and Feasibility Studies

Video Marketing
Engage customers on an interactive level

Focus Groups
Gather the information crucial to properly preparing a campaign

Plastic Molding

Simulate plastic material using urethane plastics

Metal Bending
Create custom bends in any metal and plastic

Beta Prototypes

Snap fits, flexible materials, and color options

Custom Fabricated

High quality stock plastic and engineerings techniques to create large and unique products




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