Our Group consists of Experienced Mechanical, Electronic, Industrial Design, Manufacturing & Plastics Engineers. We want you to rest assured knowing that your product is handled by true industry professionals. Many claim to know Product Development, but few have the Degrees to support it. Our President holds a degree in Plastics Engineering Technology and has 15 years of experience in product development and the plastics field. PRG Prototyping utilizes 3D Printing and On-Demand Manufacturing Equipment to speed up the design process, and has a unique specialty in taking a new product from a napkin sketch through full scale prototyping and production. PRG has Developed 2,374 Products since 2006. We would like yours to be the next…


Tyler Harrell – President

College: Pittsburg State University

Tyler has been an Entrepreneur as long as his family can remember. Growing up in the agriculture industry working within his family Case IH business, Tyler learned how to work on equipment, sell parts, and just about everything to do with driving large equipment! Engineering school made sense with his diverse background of working on equipment, and the love of building and creating things. Tyler Graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Degree in Plastics Engineering Technology in 2001. Right out of college he spent time at a product development firm in Kansas City for 5 years. During the 5 year initial stint, Tyler built the Prototype and 3D Printing Division at his previous company, and couldn’t wait any longer to start his own business. PRG was born in February 2006 when the first Material Research project was sold. PRG has grown exponentially over the past 9 years, and in June 2012 the company expanded to a new 12,000 square foot facility in the Pittsburg, KS Industrial Park to expand the vast product development services that PRG offers today.


Brennan Hurt – Business Development Manager

College: Pittsburg State University


Beth Foster – Executive Assistant to Tyler Harrell

College: Pittsburg State University


Haley Longan – Project Manager

College: Missouri Southern State University


Brenton Hillbig – Product Designer

College: University of Kansas


William F. Marshall – Lead Mechanical Engineer

College: University of Kansas


Ryan Livingston – Director of Prototyping

Ryan has the insane ability to build and fix almost anything. His skills are extremely versatile in plastics, metals and textiles. Ryan spent nearly 10 years as a maintenance technician, has a creative vision for solving tough challenges and is skilled with tools in a way that allows him to fabricate nearly any prototype flawlessly.


Kyle Compton                   Prototype Fabrication

Nathan Flood                    Prototype Fabrication

Logan Lord                        Prototype Fabrication

Logan Dillinger                Design / Engineering

Kodee Ast                           Design / Engineering

Charlie Dean                     Manufacturing – Plant Manager

Charles Davis                    Manufacturing – Assembly

Ryan Jack                           Manufacturing – Assembly

Taylor Lewis                      Manufacturing – Assembly


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