Hi Tyler,

PRG Prototyping is a pleasure to work with. Very helpful, great communications. A newbie like me couldn’t have found a better company to help me launch my product.

Peter Garnham


I have worked with PRG for the past two years from a concept to a reality. The quality of attention and patience with navigating the customer through the experience in developing a prototype is rare in any industry today. The quality customer care is an integral part of the fabric at PRG. With exceptional product development in the medical field they have earned my loyalty now and in the future!




I must say that I am very happy with what your team has done. I am glad that we went with you guys on this project! This club cleaner is beautiful, functional, and completely versatile and it will be able to be used in many ways. Thank you!  Kevin L.



No words can express the gratitude I have for the work you and the team of PRG completed for us here at ROAD APPLES LLC !

Erik and Amanda McDougall contacted me immediately after leaving your building and I have to say they were both in awe! The respect and treatment they received was above and beyond anything they expected! I assure you that I look forward to future dealings with you and your company in the near future.

I could go on but I won’t for now!


Bill Garvey


I worked with PRG to develop a prototype for my small business start up. While the project did take longer to complete than I expected, I did feel that I had competent and caring partners working with me throughout the process. Whenever questions or issues arose, my team followed up in a timely fashion and Tyler was always accessible if I wanted to discuss anything with him. My project was fairly simple in design and required no moving parts. Even so, the engineering process required several iterations and design refinements. I believe this is a natural part of the creative process. If you expect any prototyping team to develop a perfect specimen on the first try, you may have unrealistic expectations. – Michelle K


The Prototype looks so good.  Wonderful art of building a thing, from scratch to perfection. I couldn’t ask for anything more. – Bala Sankar


PRG Prototyping went above and beyond my expectations. Great service, fair price and amazing turn-around. They turned my prototype into a finished product ready for market utilizing their state of the art laser-cutting service. PRG gave me several material recommendations and mailed me several samples for testing before I approved the final design, now that’s service! Thanks to Brad P. and the rest of the PRG-team for a job well done! PRG is a one-stop source to bring your concept to reality and I highly recommend them – Al Crawford



I would like to inform you that I have received the panel bag textile prototype yesterday.
Thank you all for your time and effort.
Tra Bi Gouglin


Just received parts and wanted to pay. Complement as they turned out perfect. Very happy and while expensive I feel I got what I paid for…  Thanks!!!

Jeff Krause


To the fabulous PRG team,

I was fortunate enough to be referred to PRG from a successful friend that used Tyler and his talented team to bring her product to market. I recall my first conversation with Tyler and his enthusiasm as a father (even more so than as a business man) was so validating to me. He believed in my vision from beginning to end and assisted me with future contacts once my prototype was complete.

Ryan was one of the best graphic designers I have seen and designed both The Cibo logo and packaging. Josh found the material that was essential in making The Cibo unique. Hallie was always enthusiastic and positive. I give nothing but praise to the entire PRG team and highly recommend them to any one with a vision!

Thank you,

Amy Chandler



Thank you so much!! I have my product and it looks incredible!! Thank you so much again I couldn’t be any happier!

Again what an incredible job and I can’t believe my idea came to life. I cant thank you guys enough!!!!


Bryan Knudsen

Live Koala


Tyler and the entire staff at PRG Prototyping are incredible.  We started the process with a phone call describing what I was thinking and what I wanted.  I was at the very beginning of my journey without even a drawing of my concept.  Tyler and the entire staff listened to me, and came up with exactly what I wanted.  I am pretty sure that everyone in his office spoke to me at least once on the phone, whether or not they were part of my designated group.  I even showed up one day in Kansas just to see some of the process, what a great day that was.  They all took their time to walk me through every stage and step of the process and gave me a grand tour that took time out of their day.   I was very impressed with their office and workshop.  PRG walked me through the entire process of inventing from beginning to end.  I could not be happier with choosing PRG, any other prototyping company would have been a mistake.  In my opinion, when you choose PRG, you are choosing family.  They will go above and beyond to bring to life a product that you have been dreaming of.  And the price, well lets just say that it has been the best investment I have ever made, and that is how you need to look at it.  Is your invention or idea worth it?  Mine was and is.

Would I recommend PRG… You bet!!!

Thanks Tyler and your entire staff, I could write a whole book of thank yous but I will leave it short and sweet.

Heath Zimmerman ICE-ZZZ Steps


On behalf of Mike and I were thank you guys for taking our idea and getting it that much closer to a reality, we picked the perfect company for our project. PRG. And like Tyler said, I doubt this will be the only thing we do through this company. You guys killed it.

Talk soon, Jeff Zaccaro


First off, I believe in fate, networking and the power of Paying it Forward. I must have done some really good things as this guy I just happened upon, through a friend. The planets were in alignment and I contacted him. I got a response immediately and within hours had a great concept in place. Within weeks although I asked questions, that may be redundant to Tyler, he made me feel as though it was the right question to ask at the right time.

Tyler made it clear that he was willing to do anything to help me out and he was true to his word, suggesting wording, art, direction and style. All while not only being professional, but personal. I felt extremely comfortable with my product idea in his hands and let him take the lead. He did an amazing job. Thank you, for making it painless, informative, fun and all in all a great experience. His staff put up with my shenanigans and they were always professional and personal with me anytime I had a question or concern. I felt guided along the whole process and am very pleased fate helped me find PRG Prototyping.

If I had my patent in hand, I would share my website with the world and any potential customers. Yet, sadly that has not happened as of yet, but when it does, he has my permission to show off his work. But in the meantime, I hope my words express, the process was a great one and he is someone I hope to do business with again as I have many ideas!

Tamela Hill

President/Product Developer and Visionary

Peace of Mind Innovations L.L.C.

15282 W. 148th Terrace Olathe, Kansas 66062



Tyler, Lacy, and Eric A Professional ( 5 ) STAR!!!!!!. Company. Excellent in customer service, CAD-2 Drawings, and great pricing. Thank you.

Rolando Rivero Founder of TRIM – N – TOSS.


I recently hired PRG prototyping Inc. (PRG) to design my project. I was immediately impressed with PRG’s work ethics, attention to detail, customer service and their professionalism.   They delivered!  I am happy to say that my project was completed in a timely manner as PRG had promised. I discovered PRD on line. I sent them an inquiry and the next day I received a response from Ms. Lacey Taylor, Lacey asked about my project and what I wanted PRG to do for me. Lacey thoroughly explained to me what kind of services PRG. could offer, and she spent time with me to ensure that I understood how PRG. would work with me to bring my idea to fruition. Subsequently, I signed on with PRG Prototyping Inc.  Mr. Josh Waugh was assigned to work with me as the lead engineer on my project. Josh is a detail originated person, he doesn’t talk much, but he is definitely a good listener.  Josh was brilliant in that he was able to bring my unorganized thoughts and concepts into a coherent and well designed functional prototype.

Mary Compton, PRG’s operations manager, is another person I had the good fortune to work with. As the operation’s manager, Mary was always available to answer my questions, and she made certain that my project’s design ran smoothly. Mary oversaw the whole process from beginning to end. On a side note, I was surprised and very pleased to receive an email from Mary wishing me a nice Thanksgiving. What a nice personal touch from a very busy lady. I know that I’m am a demanding client, but PRG exceeded my expectations, and they delivered more than I ever imagined. Without reservation, I would highly recommend PRG prototyping Inc. to anyone needing their type of services.

Qun Collins Fort Mohave, Arizona



I think Josh and you all did an excellent job on the prototype! Thank you very much!

Scott Marhold Marhold LLC


The paper towels are….. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Also, your customer service and staff were very professional and efficient.

Thank you, Glen Mullins


Tyler has been a tremendous resource for me and the High Five Machine. Tyler took my idea that I scribbled on the back of a napkin one day and turned it into a fully functioning, tested, patent pending prototype for a very fair price. Not only did PRG do a great job with my prototype, but they have been very helpful in laying out the steps for bringing the High Five Machine to market most effectively. Anyone with a great idea, don’t hesitate to work with PRG Prototyping.

Sincerely, Todd Curlett Founder The High Five Machine www.thehighfivemachine.com


A good prototype can help you through the Patent process. I have been granted a Patent for my Sprinkler Buddy on May 24, 2011. I have no doubt having my working prototype made by PRG helped in making the USPTO understand my invention and its uniqueness first hand after sending them a prototype. PRG has listed my invention on their website, I have had many emails with questions about PRG and the Patent process itself. If you should have a question about either, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

I’m no Patent Expert or Patent Lawyer but I was and am the expert of my idea. Initially my own Patent Law Firm that I had hired didn’t think I had a Patentable idea. After reading their initial report, I realized they had missed my whole concept all together. I sent them a prototype, Ohhh! was their response. I have had many along the way that thought the same initially including the USPTO before sending them a Prototype as well. I have learned a lot in this venture and I am more than willing to share my experience or give advice to those that want it.

A quality prototype can be expensive, Yes! In my experience NOT having a Quality Prototype could be MUCH, MUCH more expensive!

Thanks again PRG!

From: RyRO, Inc @ www.sprinklerbuddy.com P.S. – My contact information is on my website.


Thank you so much, Stephanie! I really love working with you and PRG Prototyping!

Have a great day!




I am a manufacturer in Asia and am currently working with about 20 customers who started with Tyler’s group. Tyler’s group has done a wonderful job jump starting customers and helping them move to the next phase of production. I highly recommend his work and his ability to get your product on its way. Tyler takes care of you. FYI his hand-off information is complete and saves you money when you come to see me or another manufacturer.


Roy Paul Prosise www.beknownworld.com


While having a new concept in packaging it was not easy to disclose this to anyone especially someone I did not know, even with a nondisclosure agreement signed.

When I researched the Plastic Resource Group, I found that they were accredited by the Better Business Bureau, this was important. I have also had a few conversations with Tyler Harrell which led to me submitting my idea to them for the construction of a prototype and other helpful marketing tools, such as a sell sheet and demo video. There were several communications between myself and members of the staff as we accomplished all tasks. Through the process everything went very well and they did a great job making my idea tangible. Thank you all at Plastic Resource Group Inc. for your hard work.


Scott J. Ehrmann


To anyone considering working with Plastic Resource Group, know that you are in good hands. Tyler’s company was very good at listening to my needs and putting my concerns at ease. They made me feel like they really cared about what I needed for my prototype and delivered a product better than I expected. Tyler and his company have been very professional and helpful and I would recommend them to anyone considering the company.

Caroline Gomez


I would be more than happy to talk to your future clients about my excellent experience with your company and how I have gone through the process. They can call me after 4PM at 863-398-1025.

John Maruca Razor Pouch


Hi Chase,

Just a note to say thank you for all your help creating my product. Your engineering expertise made my revisions a breeze and the fact you could show me changes almost instantaneous via the computer was great considering we’re states away. I will be signing the release this weekend and you should receive it by Monday.

I can’t wait to come up with more products, because Plastics Resource Group will be the only company I will use to make my products a reality!

Sincerely Sharyn Kelley www.hautenhip.com 727-919-9323


Tyler and PRG,

I just wanted to officially thank you, Paul, Mary and of course, Jake for providing all the necessary support for my invention process. Eight months ago, the ideas of developing drawings, creating 2D Drawings, Concept Design reports, manufacturing and prototyping were all very over-whelming . I was totally new to all of this and needed a company to provide full service support. I did my due diligence looking for just the right company, and I believe that PRG has met my expectations. They have been very professional and fair in working with me through the process. Jake has been a creative genius in helping me transform my idea into an actual product! Thanks again for your support and look forward to bringing the product to market.

Kelly A. Alston Pop-Scenes Global LLC Wappingers Falls, NY 12590


Mr. Tyler Harrell Plastic Resource Group


Thank you for all of your hard work. Your dedication to customer satisfaction and getting the job done is unequalled.

You, and your team, were able to take my idea from a crude drawing and bring it to life. Pill-Eaze™ is no longer a vision, but a reality.

My attorneys were very impressed with your final presentation. It made the patent application process much easier; saving me time and money.

Inventors would be remiss in not availing themselves of your services. You take on the practical details, allowing us to be more creative.

Thank you again.


Rick Dobie Inventor of Pill-Eaze™


My whole experience, from start to finish with the Plastic Resource Group, has gone above and beyond my expectation. Throughout the whole process my questions have been answered immediately, their customer service and attention to detail is amazing, and, above all, the product they delivered was precise and of quality— my prototype is already attracting potential investors!

Customer, Richard Garibav


Hi Paul,

Sorry I haven’t been in touch. I just wanted to say thank you to PRG for all the work on the prototype. Overall, the second one is significantly improved.

There are still some issues but overall I am pleased and would recommend your services without reservation.

Thank you,

John Davidson


Hi Tyler, Thank you very much.

I am more than happy with the final product, as well as all of the work that your team has put together for the sake of this project. It has been my pleasure to be a client of yours.



Hello Mary, I just wanted you to know that I received the prototype Thursday last week. I also want you to know that I was completely happy with the work. It was impressive. Give thanks to Scott for me and the rest of your team. If there is anything in the future I need I’ll let you all know.

Thanks again, Al Wilder


Hi Carol, I have to say the Plastic Resource Group is one of the best companies I have worked with in a long time. They took some very simple drawings we created and produced a revolutionary product that is going to be distributed to the AAA membership. As you can imagine, AAA’s brand is everything and their standards are unmatched.

The level of talent at that company is incredible. It has been a pleasure working with them and I intend on using them many more times in the future… spread the word!!

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions. Thanks,



Carol, My sister and I have been working with Tyler since October 2008 to bring our product to market. I speak for myself and my sister in saying that the experience has been a joy so far. We have just signed a 3-year exclusive for PRG, Inc. to provide us with brokering services. I think that alone should speak to our high regard for Tyler and his entire organization.

Feel free to contact me if you need additional information. Thank you!

Mike Herndon Pakurderm Products


To Whom It May Concern, This is a letter of high recommendation for Tyler Harrell and his team at the Plastic Resource Group. I was thoroughly satisfied with all aspects in my dealings with Tyler and associates. From start to finish I was treated like an old friend.

After contacting more than a couple prototype development companies my gut instinct steered me to PRG and boy did I get it right. I was very impressed from the first time I talked to Tyler. He exudes a confidence,passion, and enthusiasm that put me at ease, and that is saying a lot with me being an independent inventor. Everyone I dealt with, from Ashlei in sales to Caleob the design engineer, had but one goal in mind – To get it right! I was assured from day one that I would be very happy with the end product and they delivered as promised. They in fact exceeded my expectations in many areas and they used their experience to vastly improve my original design after I thought I had it dialed in pretty tight.

In summary I highly recommend Plastic Resource Group as it was an enjoyable and professional experience as I could have hoped for. I’ve always believed that if you work hard and do a good job, you rarely are without work. With that tenet in mind I am surely continuing my relationship with Tyler and his top-notch crew and wish them all the best.

Sincerely, Anthony Cordova

Plastic Resource Group

“There is no mystery why The United States is losing its edge in the world markets and technology. I visited The Thomas Register and found about a dozen high profile prototype corporations. I sent my patent number to all of them. Not one called, emailed, or even sent junk mail. I only received one automated spam. It seems like some of these other corporations would send a bid. America is asleep.”

Only Tyler Harrell from Plastics Resource responded to my email, by looking up the patent and calling the next day. I emailed a patent .DXF to Tyler, of a tea strainer and alligator clip. I know that a 3D rendering is not engineering. This is, of course, why I needed engineers.

Tyler gave me a time frame and delivered. He expedited my project quickly. He had a first draft JPEG to me within a week. This man gets things done. Tyler has an enthusiastic, no-nonsense approach. I received frequent updates about the progress of my project. The physical prototype is perfect as advertised. “Look into doing business with Plastics Resource. I think you will be pleased.“

Sincerely, Dave


Tyler & Associates, Thank you for the experienced and professional service your company provided for me! I will certainly keep you abreast on my proceedings.

Thanks Again, Tani Taltos


Dear Tyler: I would like to thank you again for your excellent work on the Hydro-Hive_ product development project. You and your accomplished team of professionals researched, designed, and oversaw the early production of what has now become the central platform for The Sarmas Group’s first generation of products.

Your knowledge and expertise have been a source of strength throughout this endeavor. I would recommend your services to any entrepreneur or business in need of honest and professional plastic work, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Best regards, Brandon G. Sarmas Managing Member


Tyler, I just wanted to say that you guys @ Creative Prototyping did a fantastic job on my project. I was totally and completely satisfied with the image of my shower caddy you guys did. It surprised me and exceeded my expectations by far and I will recommend you to anyone in the market for design work.

Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Todd Seale

Creative Prototyping

Tyler Harrell – President, I received my prototype today and it fit perfectly. I will call you to discuss the details of starting production. I am very happy. This looks exactly like what I had in mind. Nice Job.

Thank you, Shawn Azarli


Dear Tyler, I would like to send you a letter of appreciation as well as recommendation for the professional services recently provided by Plastic Resource Group. My product, which is a cell phone / MP3 / PDA central storage and charging station, which we have named “Charge –It”, was recently on display at the Yankee Exposition in Waterbury, Connecticut. For me, the trade show was nice exposure for my product and the prototype that your company provided. There were many compliments on the prototype and how nice it looked on display. It gave my product instant credibility.

I was impressed with your website and the ability to do one stop shopping with your company, as well as the fact that you specialize in new product inventions. Most other companies I received quotes from were not willing to do both the CAD drawings and prototypes as you were. They wanted me to walk in with the design in hand. You helped me through the entire process and gave me weekly updates. It impressive for me, the Customer, to see you, the President, working so diligently and passionately on the project. Your prices were fair and you met my expectations.

Your willingness to help me to the next level and ready for production tooling, is also evidence of your commitment to Customer satisfaction. You not only understand the industry as a whole, but also what the needs of the Customer are. I was also impressed that you have dedicated your business name as a member of the United Inventors Association, a truly reputable outfit representing the small guy.

I look forward to completing this project with you and in working with you and your company in future projects. I would definitely recommend you and your organization to any prospective clients.

Sincerely, Duane Hess

Charge –It

Creative Prototyping, “We called the Plastic Resource Group with a short timeframe requirement for a prototype comprising a specialized plastic housing and customized circuitry. PRG managed the prototype development quickly and expertly, delivering the prototype in time for a major invention trade show. The invention won a major award based in part on our ability to demonstrate the invention by way of the prototype from PRG. I plan to recommend PRG to my clients for their own prototype developments.”

Dr. Jon L. Roberts, Senior Partner Roberts Mardula & Wertheim, LLC, Reston Virginia.

Roberts Mardula & Wertheim

Tyler, It has been my pleasure to work with you and your company in the finalization of my design. Your company’s professional approach and willingness to listen makes the process of prototyping new products a much easier task.

Throughout the entire process of design, I was impressed by your company’s attention to detail. Starting with Ms. Bockover’s weekly updates, and design engineer Tony Dameron’s talent in incorporating my design elements into useful drawings, I have felt comfortable that my prospective project was in good hands. In many cases, I have found a few companies that romance you for your business, but when it comes to actually working with you, they tend to try to steer you in their best interests—not true with your company.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who wishes to pursue the design and prototyping of a new or improved product. Once again thank you for you and your company for the help I received in the creation of this new product. I look forward to presenting it to the marketplace, knowing I had the help of some truly talented professionals.

Respectfully, Richard Kamins Redi-Medi-Kup


Plastic Resource Group did a terrific job making our prototype. The item turned out exactly how we wanted it. Plus, the turnaround time was quick and the price reasonable. I highly recommend Plastic Resource Group.

Lisa Singer Gardens to Gro 5640 Kearny Mesa Rd., Ste. E San Diego, CA 92111 Phone: (858) 278-0650 Fax: (858) 278-7867

Gardens to Gro

To whom it may concern: Not often in the span of a business career is one privileged to become associated with a superior natural talent, evidenced so clearly, at such an young age. This was however the case the first day I interviewed Tyler Harrell. From that day forward Tyler has been a pure delight, exhibiting an enthusiasm combined with knowledge that continually produces exceptional results.

My association with Tyler covers that of employer, business associate, and friend. His character has always remained unquestionable and his performance top flight. I continue to use his services as a Plastic’s Engineer and Consultant within the scope of my Business Development Services.

We highly recommended Tyler and his Plastics Resource Group.

Respectfully, Bob F. Harshaw


Good move, I would have surely saved myself some money if I had found PRG first before the other two prototype guys that couldn’t produce a working prototype for me after taking my money.

If anyone reading this is looking to get a work…ing prototype made, PRG Prototyping is the place to be. Good Luck! and No I am Not on their pay-roll.

Leo Gauthier III


Simply stated, if you are looking to build a prototype – PRG is a group you should consider.

As a neophyte inventor, I had a lot to learn about building a prototype. Whom should I talk to about my idea, can it be built, should it be built, can I trust the company to keep my idea/invention confidential, what is a fair price for the work, how long will it take to build and what can I expect as an outcome if I decide to build? Each one of these questions needed answers that would not come easily. I routinely asked myself; is this the right thing to do. I have a great day job that pays me very well, a busy life in and out of work, and a full plate of responsibilities that would keep me content and busy until I retire.

But something kept pulling me back to my idea and turning that into a product. So, after 6 months of soul searching and research, I decided to embark on this journey. I reached out to several local firms and universities to see if they could help me bring my patent pending idea to market. Each had a reason why they could not help me, but all agreed it could be done. I then expanded my search nationally and identified 6 firms that I believed could help me make my dream a reality. I put NDAs in place and shared my ideas and designs with 3 firms that I believed would be the best fit. All three had interest, but one stood out during this discovery phase. The owner of PRG contacted me directly and walked me through his plan to make my prototype. We talked for 30 minutes and he said he would like to send me a SOW and quote. I agreed, but shared I was not ready to commit so any work he put into the quote could be for no financial gain on his side. He agreed, promised he would not “hard sell” me on his proposed solution and 3 days later I got his proposal. The cost was higher than expected, but the proposal was very comprehensive. I confirmed I received the quote and waited for the other two quotes to come in. After I reviewed all 3 and decided the PRG proposal was best aligned to my needs. I set up a follow-up call with PRG and after more than an hour discussion with the owner, where he shared ideas to make my prototype a viable product in the marketplace, I realized this was the firm I would work with moving forward. Understand at this point, PRG had not made a penny off me nor had I even confirmed they would be the selected supplier for my project.

After a brief but agreeable 3rd call and quote negotiation, PRG committed to a deliverable at a price point I could live with. But before I signed on the dotted line, I asked the owner one simple question – can you build me a prototype that you would want to buy? A prototype that I could introduce to my perspective customers that would be professional enough to get their attention? His answer was simply yes! I told him I would hold him to this statement – and I would be a formable customer and friend of PRG if the prototype was as promised, or a fierce foe with resources to impact his organization if he did not deliver on the quote and his word. He did not hesitate, simply stating I am the right group to build your prototype.

I signed on the dotted line, and we began. Roughly one year later, two functioning prototypes with features that a more advanced than what was committed to in original quote, I am beginning my sales cycle.

Be cautious, do your homework on who is best firm to build your prototype, but I would strongly recommend PRG is on your list of possible partners. PRG will be my choice for building any future prototypes.

Michael Clough
Product Designer/Inventor
East Amherst NY

Michael Clough