Prototype Finishing Services

As the prototyping industry has expanded, so too has the breadth of materials that can be used to create prototypes. These days, a broad array of materials—inclusive of fabrics, plastics, and woods—can be employed to produce a prototype, which means that it is now easier than ever before to gain a sense of how your design will look, feel, and function before moving on to the manufacturing stage of production. That being said, to gain an accurate picture of your final product, the prototype must undergo a rigorous finishing process—which describes the final steps required before a product can be truly brought to life.

For this reason, PRG Prototyping has an entire finishing department that is staffed by talented individuals who are dedicated to adding the finishing touches to each and every prototype. Our finishing department exists to ensure that your prototype resembles as closely as possible what your product design will look like after manufacturing. 3D printing technologies enable the production of a vast assortment of products, from simple pieces to parts of complex moving objects. Yet the process doesn’t stop there. Finished prototypes require precision finishing, after all, and the durable ABS and other high-quality plastics employed in 3D printing can be sanded, painted, and even textured to achieve a result that is virtually identical to the final appearance of a product. Many prototypes also require assembly, and this is part of the finishing process, as well. A prototype is not complete until each and every component has been fitted together to yield the finished product.

Prototype Finishing and Painting

PRG Prototyping offers a spectrum of finishing services that can be tailored to meet the specifications of your product design. We are able to finish your product prototype using any surface treatment in order to achieve the precise color, texture, or gloss desired. Some of our basic finishing and painting services include the following:

  • Hand Painting
  • Airbrush Painting
  • Color Matching
  • Gluing and Filling
  • Sanding and Polishing
  • Media Blasting
  • Gloss Coat Finishing
  • Assembling
  • Texturing

PRG prototyping also offers a wide array of specialty surface treatments, including laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, chroming, chemical finishing, acrylic, powder and UV coating. For our experienced, professional finishing crew, creating the product you envision, exactly as you envision it, is top priority.

Bringing Your Product Prototype to Life!

Prototyping is a vital step in bringing an idea to life, but making a product feel truly authentic requires finishing touches that only an artisan can provide. Are you ready to see your concept come to life? The highly skilled craftspeople at PRG Prototyping can make it happen.

A trusted company that specializes in concept design engineering, design for manufacturability, prototype development, production, and marketing presentations, PRG Prototyping can work with you to make your idea a reality at every stage from start to finish. Want to know more? Click the link to request a free quote on finishing or other prototyping services from PRG Prototyping.