Material Recommendations

If you are unclear of which Polymer is the best choice for your product or prototype, we can help. Among many reasons for material selection, the number one reason is that the proper selection initially will ensure the product to perform as desired once it is produced.

Our engineers will conduct research and make material recommendations based on the information you provide us through a series of questions. There are several questions such as:

How is the product functioning?

Does it need to have flexible properties?

Does it need to exhibit excellent strength and impact resistance?

Will it be exposed to the sun, used in an automobile, or need to meet certain safety requirements?

Our engineers will then make material recommendations based on our findings. We also provide detailed descriptions of each polymer and will identify current market uses, as well as advantages, disadvantages and current market pricing.

Process Recommendations

Very similar to Material Recommendations, PRG Prototyping can provide recommendations on the type of Plastic Processes that will be best suitable for your product.

As technology increases, there are evolving processes and new technology available to make plastic parts more efficiently and of better quality while not affecting the cost of production. Although everyone generally believes that Injection Molding is the only plastics process, this is not true even though it is the most widely known process.

Part Design

Our network of Part Design Engineers can assist you with any level of Engineering Design needed. We can conduct a design analysis and identify any problem areas of your parts before you begin production. Every ounce of plastic counts in production, and the analysis of your part may minimize production costs for unnecessary post production methods and re-tooling that can cost you significantly.

PRG Prototyping also offers Mold Flow Analysis if you already have engineered drawings and 3D CAD models. If our Analysis cuts your material costs by $.01 per part, on a small production run of only 100,000 parts, you save $1,000 on material costs alone. Not to mention the costs of re-machining a steel mold which can well exceed $5,000.??Our design analysis prepared by our Engineer Team makes sense if you are serious about production.

Material Testing

Polymer material and process testing is often necessary, and PRG Prototyping can offer affordable solutions for all of your material testing needs.

We can assist in locating the right testing and laboratory facilities for your product, and will also be involved in analyzing the data and making recommendations for any changes or improvement.

Manufacturing Cost Analysis

A Plastic cost analysis can be used in business plans or for presentations to manufacturers. There is no better way to see the financial outlay of a new product than by doing a cost analysis. It includes estimated tooling costs, cost per part, labor, post processing, and several other areas of importance to understand the true cost of manufacturing.

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Specialty research for polymers, composites, and adhesives
  • Additives and Colorants

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