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Textile Product Development

As anyone in the industry knows, textile product development entails far more than needle and thread. Also known as soft goods prototyping, textile prototyping closely resembles many other prototyping processes, and involves design sketching, detailed planning, the creation of 2D CAD design layouts, pattern development, material selection, and physical assembly. Textile product development is a highly creative and versatile field, and is used to produce a slew of everyday items—think handbags, sandals with fabric straps, and visors, to name a few. Textile product development can also entail integrating functional and decorative accessories such as zippers, fasteners, webbing, buttons, rivets, hook and loop fasteners, and snaps into a design. The process also enables you to create mock-ups of labels and tags, as well as to create and ascertain the viability of invisible accessories such as padding, interlining, and interfacing.

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PRG Textile Services

PRG Prototyping has a dedicated team of specialists possessing vast experience in textile prototyping. This includes our very own Director of Engineering and Director of Prototyping, both of whom are experts in this field. PRG also has an in-house sewing lab where we can work with virtually any textile, from extremely thin organic fabrics to thick, heavy materials such as Cordura, neoprene, nylon, and even rigid plastics. At PRG, some of our most popular textile services include:

  • Consultations
  • 2D Pattern Layouts
  • Pattern Creation
  • Sample Creation
  • Material Performance Testing
  • Material Sourcing
  • Proof-of-concept Prototypes
  • Small to Large Run Production

Oftentimes, working with textiles is not as easy as it may appear at first glance. Textiles present a number of design challenges, and deciding on the ideal size, shape, pattern, material, print, and color for a product can require a great deal of time. Likewise, achieving a perfect result routinely demands experimenting with the finer details—such as stitching, which can dramatically influence the way a fabric moves (an important consideration given that many textiles are created to be worn on the human body). Textile prototyping can help you address these and other concerns to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your product’s appearance, feel, and functionality before moving on to the next stage of production.

Textile Product Prototyping at PRG

PRG is a specialist in textile product development, inclusive of products constructed out of fabric, leather, and other hybrid materials. The talented crew in our Industrial Design department can help you conceptualize and visualize your idea prior to development, and our in-house seamstress can use one of our four commercial sewing machines to ensure that every stitch is perfect. Our textile prototyping services have saved our clients many months of precious time by eliminating the need for tiresome back-and-forth communications with their manufacturing vendors. So if you’re looking for a time-efficient means of bringing your textile product concept to life, consider bringing your idea to PRG.

A specialist in the design and creation of new products, PRG Prototyping can help you to get virtually any product idea off the ground. Have a great idea for a textile product and want to make it a reality? Contact us for more information, or use the following link to request a free quote on textile product prototyping today.