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This is why we get up in the morning…

PRG Prototyping is a High Quality Product Development firm that specializes in producing prototypes for plastic, metal, electronics and textile products.  Our design team holds degrees in plastics engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and industrial design engineering.  Our unique design and development process allows our clients to start with only a napkin sketch, where we then run wild with all aspects of design and development, as well as eventual prototyping to prove their own unique consumer product.

Prototyping is part of what we do and is involved in every aspect of our design process.  We have state of the art product development equipment that allows us to do prototype manufacturing in a matter of hours once the design process is complete.

We do strive to be your best full service product development firm in the industry.  We specialize in consumer products, and operate in a 12,000 square foot facility located in Pittsburg, Kansas.  We look forward to helping you with your next big IDEA!