As part of a new blog series (Prototype Part 1-10), our goal is to fully identify to our readers every step of a prototype, the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can make informed decisions about why a prototype may be necessary for your product success

Part 1:

Why Prototypes are Crucial!

There are several reasons that prototypes are crucial when developing a new product.  In our opinion, it is important for first understand what a prototype is defined as.  The definition of a prototype is a form of something original or new.  It is unique in itself and has never been created.  When creating a prototype, it is very important for inventors and entrepreneurs to understand that since their product has never been created before, it will be crucial to build a prototype of the device to ensure that the product does look, function and react as intended to perform the necessary function.

Prototypes are everywhere, including product development (what we do), software development, and new companies often launch a prototype model in business.  You may be making or building a prototype and don’t even know it.  For example, think about cooking.  How many of you have formulated your own recipe when cooking and added ingredients to a certain meal that the recipe didn’t call for.  Was it original, new, unique?  Sure it was, you have just created a prototype in your kitchen and didn’t know it.  Or, think about anything around the house that you have modified to work in a certain way because you couldn’t find a product on the shelf to perform the necessary function.  That contraption is also known as  a prototype!

In product development, we use prototypes as a crucial step in the development of a product.  Not only do we have very skilled Engineers to provide the best 3D CAD drawings of a product, but it becomes important to then take the design and build  a Prototype to test all of the dimensions, tolerances and function of the device.  Having a prototype is a great advantage because we can build the parts within hours on our Equipment and literally have a design fully verified and ready for production in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks or months.  It has been said in various articles for product development that having a prototype and addressing any problems with the design initially can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in production by ensuring the product is perfect with a prototype before production begins. 

In closing, a prototype is a crucial and inexpensive design element that should never be overlooked or taken lightly.  Going to production without a prototype would be a crazy thing to do unless you just like living on the edge!

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