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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Prototyping News

Rapid Prototyping and RTV Molding for Manufacturing

I have personally been in product development and prototyping for over 12 years, and it’s amazing how far rapid prototyping and RTV molding has come. I still say that RTV molding is more of an art than a science. RTV molding is a very nice and fairly inexpensive way of producing small run elastomers or simulated injection molded parts as a way of testing the product before moving into full scale production and manufacturing with plastic parts!

PRG Prototyping currently uses a FDM machine that produces a true ABS plastic to build electronic housings and strong structural parts for testing and design verification. The FDM process has been around for years in Rapid Prototyping, bu is now more affordable and faster than ever with +-.007″ tolerances. It’s easy to quote with PRG by simply emailing your .STL files directly to us at:

RTV silicone molding has been a mainstay at PRG for several years to get production-like parts in a variety of Shore A durometers using both Elastomers and Rigid silicones and urethane blends of materials. If your company needs to provide a design verification quickly, and less than 25 parts, RTV molding may be the answer. Not to mention that custom colors, glow in the dark additives, and chrome plating is now easily achieved. These parts are also being widely used for show purposes and presentation means. Our equipment and degreed Plastics Engineers will ensure you get the quality plastic parts you desire quickly and accurately.

For RTV molding quotes of your parts please send your 3D CAD files to